Tyra is crazy…about PR

January 18, 2008


As we concluded another “cycle” of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) this past December (Go Saleisha!), I began to think of the easy target that is Tyra Banks. While she is a crazed narcissist bent on taking over the world from Oprah, she is also one heck of a business genius – and obviously has a lot of respect for our industry.  Admittedly, I love to poke fun at Ms. Banks. For goodness sakes, the woman did an entire episode of her talk show on her biggest fear – dolphins! And this season on ANTM, she crawled across a dirty floor then wiggled up and down a mirrored wall to show her protégés the difference between being sexy and slutty. My salary to anyone who can tell the difference.   But, I digress, this is a positive post about Ms. Banks. Anyone who watches the show knows that they have pre-planned “mentoring” episodes each season. And, in the past four or five seasons, I have been very proud that an actual PR practitioner has been invited on the show to give the girls a lesson in media training. The practitioner teaches the girls how to navigate the media in a professional way, how to make eye contact, how to avoid too much slang or jargon in interviews and even teaches them what to wear.  And, to Tyra’s credit, she has yet to reward the girl in the group who makes up stories, blows off the task and/or talks trash about other girls to the PR pro.  Oh, and she lost that extra weight, so she isn’t fat anymore either. Go to http://www.cwtv.com/shows/americas-next-top-model and see for yourself.  So, where have you seen positive portrayals of PR practitioners? Comment below.

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