Back From Camp!

January 21, 2008


If you’re a baseball person, there’s nothing like a week with 60 other baseball freaks.  Having just returned from Arizona Diamondbacks Fantasy Baseball Camp, my legs are sore, but my love for the game far overcomes any aches and pains I’ve got. 

Steve Gilbert, who writes for, happened to be on my team.  He’s a good ball player and an even better teammate.  His daily blogs from camp, along with daily photos, can be found here.


What a tremendous week and incredible PR opportunity for the D-Backs.  First off, the grass roots value of coaches and former players spend a week talking and playing baseball with a bunch of average joes and one jane, hanging out at the D-Backs spring training complex and making it seem that we are all Major Leaguers, sans the talent.


And, every camper got both a home and away jersey to wear during camp and to keep at the end of the week.  I’d expect that the ones that don’t end up framed and hung on a wall will be seen as living, moving billboards espousing the goodwill of the D-Backs at places like Chase Field, sports bars and other venues that baseball people hang out.

Add in invited guests such as Arizona Republic sports talkshow host Dan Bickley, radio free agents Tim Hattrick and Willy D. Loon, and a one-day guest appearance from KPNX-TV’s Joe Pequeno – and there’s plenty of media attention for the camp, as well.

Gotta get back in the hot tub to relax these sore and tired legs.


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