Let’s Hear It…

January 22, 2008


Tim Dorn, Gilbert’s police chief, has had a terrible family circumstance dragged into the public eye. Last month, his 25-year-old daughter, Brandi Dorn, was sentenced to six years for aggravated assault and four months for DUI. She was also sentenced to four years of probation for the DUI charge and a second aggravated assault charge.

Chief Dorn was not present at the sentencing but said that he did not condone his daughter’s actions and expected the criminal justice system to hold her accountable.

This has to be a difficult spot for any police officer to be in, especially someone in the position of leadership in upholding the law. I have personally heard comments from the general public that all come back to, “How in the world can we look to him to keep control of the law if he can’t even control his own daughter?”

What moves can Chief Dorn and the Gilbert Police Department make to smooth over this shameful display? How can Chief Dorn save his reputation? Do you think his absence from the sentencing was a good idea?

Let’s hear it!


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