Intern’s View

January 23, 2008


Hi everyone, I’m Beth, the new I-N-T-E-R-N for HMA.  Let’s just keep that between the two of us though.

Last week, I was e-mailing a source for an article I was writing when one of my co-workers offered me this bit of advice: “Don’t tell her you’re an intern.”  Turns out the source wasn’t too keen on change and was apt to take me less seriously.  Me?  The almost-college-graduate?  The studious (yet fun-loving) honors student?

Why do interns get a bad rap?  Do people think we’re around to run to Starbucks, make copies and perform all the menial tasks no one else wants to take care of?

Truth be told, I like my internship.  Check back in a few weeks, and I may say “love.”  In my nearly three weeks here, I feel like I’ve learned so much, and that I’m actually being taken seriously and being trusted with actual responsibilities.

So when you get a news release from my e-mail address, beware…it may be written by me, or it may not.   Just try and give the interns in your life some credit; we just want to be treated like the professionals we’re training to be.

That said, did you want cream or sugar with your coffee?


2 Responses to “Intern’s View”

  1. George Couch Says:

    Cute post Beth! I agree with you that we need to use interns to their full capability and teach them along the way. If managers don’t do that, they’ve failed. But also realize that menial tasks come with the territory. I had an intern once who moaned and groaned every time I asked her to do something she didn’t like. I couldn’t wait for her to leave.

    From my view, if an intern does the menial tasks with a genuine smile, I’ll want to give the intern more good work and teach him/her. And I’ll probably ask if you’d like one or two creams with your coffee.

  2. Alison Says:

    Beth – we are glad to have you. Keep up the good work and enthusiasm!

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