January 25, 2008

alison2.jpgJustin Long is adorable. Seriously, he is just the right mix of funny, ironic and nerdy to make me melt. Not familiar with him?

He is “Mac” in those funny Mac vs. PC commercials. As a side note, he is also Drew “I am loveable but can’t act my way out of a paper bag” Barrymore’s boyfriend and was a scene-stealer on NBC’s now-defunct “Ed” and in Ben Stiller’s Dodgeball.

But, as much as I love Mr. Long, I am about ready to throw my PC at him in a recent commercial. Go to http://www.apple.com/getamac/ads/ and click on “PR Lady” to see what I mean.

Mac (Long) is standing around waiting to be funny and ironic at “PC’s” expense, per usual. However, this time PC (played by a not adorable middle- aged stick in the mud) is not alone. He has brought in his “PR lady” to help him through a crisis communications issue focusing on problems with PC’s new Vista program.

On no, here we go again…

Female power suit – CHECK

Putting words in PC’s mouth – CHECK

“No Comment” – CHECK

Any PR folks out there who have really helped a client through a crisis situation, as my firm (http://www.hmapr.com/) has, have to cringe at this commercial. Some of the best work we have done has been in crisis mode, but on TV, PR professionals are still nothing more than spin doctors and evil word wizards in fancy clothes. Or worse – on a rerun of Law & Order: Criminal Intent last week guess who the killer was…the PR rep! So, now we are killers, too.

While most of this anti-PR sentiment makes me laugh, I have to wonder how we got here? And is there a PR plan out there to help us garner a little respect in the future? Probably not, we’re too busy helping our clients to worry about ourselves. Tell me about your experiences with the PR stereotype. Comment below.


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