Edible Promotions

January 29, 2008


In high school, I worked in the mall food court offering shoppers free cookie samples all day long.

In college, I spent my winter breaks back in that same mall, this time offering shoppers beef stick and cheese samples for a seasonal edible gift vendor.

During my first internship, I drove themed cookies and candies on behalf of movie studios to local TV stations to help get the word out on air about a new film.

It is safe to say that I am a professional at hawking free samples. Often, I would ask my bosses “why all the free stuff?”

 It wasn’t until my first year in the PR industry when a local news anchor told me “If we can eat it, it gets our attention” that I started to understand certain promotions can greatly benefit by a little sustenance. 

For example, when we were promoting our client Subway’s new Scrabble buy-and-win game, our broadcast story pitches were accompanied by sandwiches, cookies and Scrabble Boards (both in English and Spanish). And when our client Cachet Homes was offering free Lexuses to its new homebuyers as part of its “Live and Drive in Luxury” event, our broadcast story pitches were accompanied by cakes in the shape of cars.

We gave our broadcast targets something to chew on while reading our story ideas. In both cases, and in many more, the results were astounding.  

 So, any good stories of how you were able to use food in a fun way to help any of your promotions? Comment below.


3 Responses to “Edible Promotions”

  1. Diane Says:

    I used to be in sales and I always used food to lure people to listen to me. Although breakfast and lunch worked, my personal favorite was ice cream. People flock towards ice cream and the great thing was that they had to come fast since it melts. It was great, I could see everyone I needed to see in record time.

  2. Erika Says:


    I hear you on your tasty blog! I did local store marketing for Cold Stone Creamery for several years and it’s true – a hand-delivered press release or coupons accompanied by a sample of ice cream cake went so much further than materials that are emailed or faxed to the press or customer. It’s all about bombarding the senses!

  3. Allison Says:

    Agreed!! Food even brings new members to the gym. If you provide people with a tasty treat they will show up to whatever the event may be.

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