January 30, 2008

debra1.jpgI really didn’t want to write about these foolish teen “role models” gone astray but I just have one little question:  Where has all the shame gone?It’s hard to ignore the latest mega-headlines about the infamous Britster – another chapter in her chaotic and dramatic life.  And it’s not only her but her soon to be equally infamous little sister, Jamie Lynn; and the countless other celebutantes with a hard-earned DUI on their resumes.

This leads me to ponder the whole concept of infamy… is there even such a thing any more?  When did we start taking the saying of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” so literally?  It doesn’t seem like any of the should-be embarrassing situations have any effect on the behavior of our young starlets.  Heck, half of them are only famous for embarrassing themselves.  Ever heard of Keeping Up with the Kardashians?  And Lindsey… you can try to take the girl out of the party but I guess you can’t party out of the girl. 

I bring this up because, from a PR perspective, these situations should be five-alarm disasters, right?  Imagine if Audrey Hepburn or Rita Hayworth had scarred their reputations in such a way.  How would fans have reacted to them?

We have seen little in the way of public apologies for the behavior of today’s young Hollywood or the ridiculous way in which they’re setting examples for our teens, who, unfortunately, want to emulate them. 

Paris did say she was enlightened to the error of  her ways in an appearance on Larry King shortly after being released from jail – but alas, it appears she was back up to it this past New Year’s Eve.  Her post-jail damage control stint was hilarious because she claimed she wanted to be seen a serious business woman.  Right. And what is that new movie she’s starring in – and I think even produced?  Yeah, that begs the world to take you seriously, Ms. Hilton.

So, how would you clean up the disastrous reputations of these girls?  Can they be saved?  Perhaps their all-knowing publicists (assuming they are all paying them a salary and actually want their advice) should suggest they all just lay low for a year or so.  Pledge a new start, do something productive to help the community – and be genuine about it.  And if you’re going to relapse, at least have the common sense to do it in the privacy of your own multi-million dollar mansion.

But then again, is all this chatter about them just adding fuel to the fire?   When you’re famous just for being famous, who are you if nobody’s talking about you? 


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