Rubbing Elbows…

January 31, 2008

dan-obrien.jpgThe FBR Open is known for its people-watching and business networking opportunities, as well as some outstanding golf.

The Arizona Chapter of EO, of which I am a member, utilizes its tent in corporate village in brilliant fashion:  the tent serves as a venue to bring in speakers that provide an educational component for its members and guests as part of the EO experience.

This year, 1996 Olympic and 1998 Pan Am Games gold medal decathlete Dan O’Brien visited the EO tent to speak to the organization’s members.  O’Brien is the current world record-holder in the decathlon – track and field’s most demanding competition.

O’Brien shared his mental approach to success.  In his quest to become the world’s greatest athlete, he said he had to accomplish it in his mind first, before he could do it on the field.  He stressed that such a philosophy applies to athletics, business and personal lives.

He said there are three levels of champions:  non-champions, which is self-explanatory; champions, who prepare for success and attain it; and true champions, what we should all strive to be in all facets of our lives.

O’Brien had several other key points.   “You must think like a champion,” he said.  “When I expected success, I got it.” 

Nice to be able to mix in some professional development with the golf, socializing, etc. 

Oh, and can you name the 10 events that comprise the decathlon?


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