Where will you be on Feb. 3?

February 1, 2008


Ken Koziol, Entertainment Solutions: On February 3rd, I expect to be doing one of two things:  I will either be sitting on the couch at my brothers house with family (as is tradition) watching the big game on his new flat screen; or if the stars align just right, I will be sitting in the stands (hopefully lower bowl) experiencing my first “live” Super Bowl with my dad. 

Kathy Bayer, Keats, Connelly and Associates: I will probably be hanging out with my ‘fun’ neighbors watching and judging the billion-dollar commercials.  Following the game, we usually get the cards or board games out and reminisce about the game – and the best and worst ads.

Phil Pangrazio, Arizona Bridge to Independent Living: In the early morning, I will be enjoying the sights from a birds-eye-view at the fabulous FBR Open.  In the afternoon, I’ll be off to enjoy a friend’s new 52″ Plasma HDTV, wishing Eli Manning and the Giants were ruining the Patriots’ perfect season and preserving the legacy of Don Shula and the ‘72 Dolphins!  What can I say… I’m just a bitter Bills fan at heart.



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