Bad publicity is still publicity…not!

February 5, 2008


I came across a story lead today from a reporter for a major national daily newspaper that made me cringe. The reporter was seeking business executives for a story about office romance.


The kicker was she wanted high-level execs to dish the dirt on any of their own clandestine affairs and the consequences (divorce, abuse, pregnancy, etc…). 

Can you imagine the business exec that would want to participate in this story and the aftermath once his/her partner saw it!?

Happy Valentine’s Day, honey!

Now, what PR person in his/her right mind would call up a client and recommend pursuing this story? To me, there is such a thing as bad PR…what do you think?


2 Responses to “Bad publicity is still publicity…not!”

  1. RLHanson Says:

    I don’t think this would be too good of PR. What person in their right mind would volunteer such information anyway?? A wise man once told me, ” young man,(many hears ago ) don’t get your honey where you get your money “.

  2. Robert Says:

    Don’t dip your pen in the company ink and then write about it. Thats for sure.

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