Parents behaving badly…

February 26, 2008

scott1.jpg Major League spring training is underway, the high school baseball season is back in full swing and Little Leaguers are soon to follow.

It’s time for all the super parents to continue prepping their pre-teens and high school athletes for their sure-fire college scholarships and professional baseball careers. Parents have already marred the landscape of youth sports so badly that it’s mostly unrecognizable as a way for kids to have fun participating in sports without the enormous pressures of winning at all costs, succeeding beyond all expectations and making mommy and daddy so vicariously proud that they can’t control themselves.

If only parents spent as much time on their kids’ academics as they do their budding sports careers.

One of my favorite columnists is Tom Kuyper.  He’s got it right.  Kids should participate in multiple sports.  Parents should let kids be kids.  Our society’s priorities have gotten out of whack when it comes to youth sports.


Think not?  Go to a high school or youth sporting event and just watch the parents.  They’d be so embarrassed if their own kids behaved the way some of the parents do.  Even more so, they’d be tremendously embarrassed if they watched themselves in action.


One Response to “Parents behaving badly…”

  1. chriskolba Says:

    Right on Brother! Its funny, everyone talks about the childhood obesity problem but mant fail to realize that the sports crazed kids (driven by parents and society) are headed in the same direction…unactive, unfit adults. These kids are burnt out or injured by the time they are 1-18 yrs old and sometime sooner. The parents need to recognize this problem and take a stand. Too bad many of them are living vicariously(?) through their kids!

    Get Strong! Stay Strong!

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