Second life? What about my first life?

February 29, 2008


While brainstorming for ideas for this blog entry yesterday, I was browsing others’ blogs and came across something about Second Life.  What’s Second Life, you ask?


I had only heard about it in the vaguest of terms, but apparently it has attracted millions of participants worldwide since it was open to the public in 2003.

Second Life is a 3D virtual world where avatars interact with one another.  “You” can buy a house, socialize at a club and even see Duran Duran in concert. 

Yes that’s right…apparently the 80’s pop group created their own avatars in 2006 and toured Second Life much as they have in…the first life?

I think the idea is actually really cool, but while I was looking around the Second Life website, it occurred to me that this program could really start to take over people’s real lives.  Much like our non-virtual world, you have to maintain relationships, manage your money and pay your mortgage.

Is it just me, or is the real world enough to try and juggle?  Or maybe I’m just being a cynic. Maybe this virtual world opens up avenues of communication for the shy. Maybe it provides some with a much-needed break from the workday.  Maybe it allows people to scream for Simon Le Bon like they did when legwarmers were in style the first time around.

Has anyone created his or her own avatar?  What do you think about Second Life?



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