When should the media just stay out of it?

March 10, 2008



Now, I’m all for the public’s right to know, checks and balances and solid investigative journalism. That in mind, I just found out from MSNBC that Prince Harry has been in Afghanistan on the frontline of combat since December. Word is the military was trying to keep this information private for his own protection, but some Web site broke the news “blackout.” Hearsay is that the culprit is Drudge Report.

When Prince Harry was deployed, British and International media had agreed not to report on Harry’s deployment. Still, the news is out and now the information, including his location, is everywhere and big media outlets like CNN are reporting on it.

Now poor Harry had to take the first plane out of there to “another location.”

This sort of stuff makes me squirm. It all comes down to ethics, really. They might as well of put a target on his head. What a shame. 


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