We’re here to inform, not perform

March 28, 2008


In every PRSA media breakfast we host, we always hear the questions regarding news releases, or press kits-to send, or not to send? Not so tough a question, if you ask me. Just send them the information! Don’t buy lavish kits, the reporter can’t keep it most of the time anyways. Don’t send annoying chatchkis, that’s what trade shows and expos are for. Do give relative data, clear and correct contact information and any additional sources you can hook them up with. Interestingly enough, at last week’s PRSA media breakfast, featuring lifestyle reporters and editors from both the Republic and Tribune, they said they want photos. Not the entire collection from the photo shoot you convinced your client they must undergo for collateral images and headshots that don’t date back to the 90’s.  Instead, include a “thumbnail teaser” and state you can provide additional photos, or a larger copy for reproduction. Media folks, much like everyone else in the professional world, get annoyed with super-large emails. And, often times they won’t even receive it. So, stop shopping and focus on the story and how it benefits your pitchee’s viewers or reader. Thanks again to everyone who came out to the breakfast and to our wonderful speakers!   


One Response to “We’re here to inform, not perform”

  1. Dan Wool Says:

    Better yet, link reporters to a Flickr page.

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