Root, Root, Root, For the Home Team!

April 11, 2008

It’s hard to compare the home opener in baseball to anything else in sports.  The Arizona Diamondbacks spanked the Los Angeles Dodgers 9-3 to hopefully set the stage for a tremendous season.  And the new scoreboard at Chase Field is all as advertised.


If anything stacks up to the D-Backs’ home opener, it was the season opener for the Players, my men’s league baseball team.


We got swept in our debut doubleheader, but the butterflies were there for everyone on the team.  I’m thinking the pre-game jitters may take a half-season or so to go away.


I was lucky enough to get our team’s first hit ever, a single to center.  Gary Kerby pitched all seven innings of the first game.  Tim “Duff” Dwyer scored the first run in team history, with Ron “Barty” Bartlett recording the first RBI.   Tim “Max” Maxson is our skipper.


Can’t wait for this Sunday morning’s doubleheader.




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