Working and playing well with others

April 21, 2008

HMA is a full-service public relations firm, something we are extremely proud of. With that, we are often called upon to work with other marketing agencies, be them graphic design or advertising, to co-promote our clients. My bosses always refer to our knack for this as “playing in the sandbox well with others.”


Recently, I just started work on two projects with two advertising agencies, and I wanted to see what everyone out there on both sides of the coin thinks – has working with another agency on a project elicited a “two heads are better than one” mentality for you? Discuss and comment below.


One Response to “Working and playing well with others”

  1. John Mallen Says:

    Some of the most compelling and exciting times I have had in business have been working with colleagues in advertising. When the mix is right, it can be explosive.

    I remember a time when a team of us walked into the Brown Palace about 5 p.m. and, just as the cocktail hour was beginning, the bartender shut us off before we were ever served. “It’s clear that you gentlemen have been drinking,” he scowled.

    The fact is we just returned from a competitive pitch for a national account that, as we learned later, we won over the likes of Edelman and others.

    Yea, the sandbox can be fun.

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