“Everyman PR,” Part 2

April 25, 2008









I hate Kobe Bryant. And nine months ago, you hated him too. You know, the Bryant who was going on radio talk shows and making fun of his young L.A. Lakers team; the Bryant who refused to play with Shaq ever again; the Bryant who demanded he be traded to a playoff-caliber team; and, of course, the Bryant who was accused of you know what, you know when and you know where.

But, against all odds, a marketable version of Bryant is not just back, but better than ever.






Just last week, we saw a smiling (!!!) Bryant acting as the face of the NBA and lending on-air support via satellite to “American Idol Gives Back.” And just this week, the USA Today published this obviously PR-crafted article, where Bryant exclaims, “I’ve always wanted to be here” when asked about his long-suffering, now re-born L.A. Lakers team. And these are only a couple examples from the past two weeks!


I have to hand to Bryant’s PR team – they are geniuses, and working around the clock to make now-MVP contender Bryant seem like an “everyman,” albeit a ridiculously talented everyman, but one just the same. Personally I still hate him, but I do respect the hard work of his PR folks behind the scenes. How is his PR machine working on you?


2 Responses to ““Everyman PR,” Part 2”

  1. Bob Says:

    Any questions regarding the value of a good PR team are swiftly answered when looking at Kobe. In addition to the chilling testimony posted on “smoking gun”, Bryant spent the better part of last summer publicly criticizing his teammates and organization while demanding to be traded. Now, with the best record in the West and on the threshold of finally winning his coveted MVP trophy, he claims he’s never wanted to be anywhere else. I think Kobe may have the same PR group as Marv Albert.

  2. Mike Miller Says:

    “Everybody loves to be associated with a winner,” is what we are always reminded and, from a PR standpoint, Kobe’s case is to – ahem – “Die and Live in LA”. What would a Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals do to reassert Kobe’s marketability, along with the MVP award Bob mentioned? In sports, winning his 90 percent of the PR battle and in Los Angeles, anything can happen from a media/marketing standpoint. He is still the most fun NBA player to root against and always will be. That’s the PR distinction between he and Jordan.

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