Blogging Controversy at Burger King

May 19, 2008

According to a post on Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog, Burger King announced this week it fired two employees following the disclosure that a top official secretly posted blogs slamming a farmworker advocacy group. The Miami-based company did not name the individuals who were fired. It also said it is discontinuing the use of a private investigative firm whose president allegedly pretended to be a student activist to infiltrate the farmworker group and its supporters, the AP reports. Burger King is in a public relations feud with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers over how to improve wages and working conditions for Florida’s tomato pickers.

“Following an investigation, Burger King Corporation has terminated two employees who participated in unauthorized activity on public Web sites which did not reflect the company’s views and which were in violation of company policy….,” the company said in a statement, reports AP Hispanic affairs writer Laura Wides-Munoz.

Blogs are an excellent tool to share information, but the Burger King situation demonstrates just how complicated the management of the process can be. When is a blogger just a blogger and when is a blogger representing the company?


One Response to “Blogging Controversy at Burger King”

  1. David Landis Says:


    Good point – the lines are completely blurred these days! Cheers, David

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