AIA Baseball

May 22, 2008

The high school baseball season in Arizona has finally come to an end.  Arizona features seven different classifications, typically based on school sizes.

The 2008 Arizona state baseball champions are:  Valley Union Blue Devils, 1A; Bisbee Pumas, 2A; Safford Bullgogs, 3A; Mingus Marauders, 4AII; Chaparral Firebirds, 4A, I;

Horizon Huskies, 5A, II; and Hamilton Huskies, 5A, I.

As an umpire, I had the good fortune of seeing many of these teams throughout the season, as well as in both the regional and state tournaments.  Lots of well-played baseball, for sure.

I think the Arizona Interscholastic Association does a tremendous job of instilling its “Victory With Honor” approach into the heads and hearts of coaches statewide.  Most of the coaches, especially the good ones with successful programs, in-turn, teach their student athletes how to compete with class – win or lose.

Some would say a high school ball field is essentially an outdoor classroom.

Time for summer ball!


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