One For The Team

May 23, 2008

The baseball talent from Arizona shows up time and time again in prominent collegiate programs both in the state and across the country.  


One such product is Braden Wells.  Braden starred at Brophy Prep before moving on to Dixie State College of Utah.  He’s now in his second season with the two-time defending NCAA champion Oregon State Beavers.


It’s fun to see kids you know gain some national recognition as Braden did in ESPN The Magazine for “keeping his eye on the ball.”




He’s a quality kid from a quality family.  His dad, Donny, plays on my men’s baseball team, the Players, and on my men’s softball team, the Polaris Players.  Braden’s mom, Lynn, and I went to high school together.  She was a prep swimming star at Washington High School.


Don’t know if Braden’s baseball career will extend beyond college, but he’ll always be known for being able to turn the other cheek…


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