Breaking Through

May 27, 2008

It seems every meeting I attend leads me to the same conclusion:  the Arizona public relations community is on the verge of breaking through into the international PR scene.

The potential is certainly there.  With organizations such as the Greater Phoenix Economic Council and the Arizona Department of Commerce, to name a couple, along with entities such as Global Arizona, Arizona International Growth Group and others relentlessly beating the bushes to attract international business to the state, it is only a matter of time.

Astute economic developers who understand public relations, and who may even incorporate it into their business-attraction plans, will emerge as clear leaders in their field.  The public relations component to international business should be essential to operations in both the exporting and importing market.  It is too important to ignore.

That’s why organizations with resources such as the Public Relations Global Network are poised to capitalize on this emerging trend.

We’ve got everything in place.  Now if we can just catch the wave.  Or at least grab a coattail.


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