Shoot The Temp

August 13, 2008

For the first time in the 21-year history of the Shoot The Temperature Invitational Golf Tournament, the champion was decided by a sudden-death playoff.

After three days of golf in Prescott, Craig Bubier outlasted Ken Valverde in a putting contest to claim first place in the tourney, which included a record field of 48 players.

It was Bubier’s first Shoot The Temp title, in which he earned $135 in official prize money.

Jason Cobb was named the tournament’s most valuable player, while John Freeman earned rookie-of-the-year honors.

Mike Wells and Robert Highsmith broke a tie for last place in the tournament with a sudden-death playoff, won by Highsmith.  The result is the annual “loser’s trophy” has been renamed the Michael S. Wells Award for the next 12 months.

Among those in the field were several who travelled from out-of-state to play, including Brad LeFevre (Indianapolis), Jim Foote (Baltimore), Scott Karsten (Florida), Les Branch (Chicago), Tom Behrle (San Diego) and Mike Lumby and Mike Lumby, Jr.(Texas).


3 Responses to “Shoot The Temp”

  1. Joe The Fan Says:

    Will comments be censored before being posted? I have heard rumors about some of those Shooters.

  2. Lil Hammer Says:

    About time you get some good stuff on this Blog…

  3. Gary "G-Spot" Kerby Says:

    As a committee member and long time shooter I can tell you this event was as good as the Masters. Even though our galleries were smaller our shooters flair and attitudes on competing on and off the course were the best. I know next year’s event will again be even better. I think one of our motto’s sums it up the best – Go BIG or go home!

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