August 29, 2008

I am now proud member number 2017 of PROpenMic, a social network for PR students, faculty and practitioners.

PROpenMic was founded a couple months ago by Robert French, who teaches public relations at Auburn University.

I was invited to join by Dr. Astrid Sheil, who’s now a professor at Cal State University in San Bernardino after teaching at Northern Arizona University for a couple years.

The idea is for the site to help prepare future PR professionals by providing a forum for interaction with peers, instructors and those already out there in the big bad world. 

PROpenMic appears to have captured some early momentum, with members from nearly 150 different colleges in 40 countries.

Maybe I’ll get smarter by osmosis.


One Response to “PROpenMic”

  1. Robert Says:

    Very happy to have you join us, too, Scott. Thanks for writing about PROpenMic. Hope your colleagues and readers will join us in PROpenMic, too. The network is all about the students. Having you and the other practitioners and faculty members share with them will be invaluable experience. Thanks!

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