TV Station Call Letters

September 16, 2008


Now don’t ask me how I know this information, I just do.  Somewhere along the way, I learned that television station call letters actually stand for something.  I’ve always gotten a kick out of figuring out what they mean.

For instance – KSAZ, the Phoenix Fox affiliate.  “SAZ” stands for Spirit of Arizona.  When they launched those call letters they used it as their theme.

KPHO (CBS) – “PHO” for Phoenix

KPNX (NBC) – “PNX” for Phoenix

KAET (PBS) – “AET” for Arizona Education Television.  But it could also mean “8” as in the number and their dial position.

I have no idea what “KTVK” (IND) stands for, do you?

It does work for the Tucson stations, too.

KUAT (PBS) – “UAT” for University of Arizona Television

KMSB (IND) – “MSB” for Mountain States Broadcasting

And of course, the “K” is indicative of stations on this side of the country.  The stations in St. Paul, where I used to live, started with a “W.”  And the call letter thing worked there, too.

If you know of any others, let me know.  


2 Responses to “TV Station Call Letters”

  1. David Landis Says:

    So, do you know what the original broadcast station was? Two guesses. There’s some controversy about this – it’s either KDKA in Pittsburgh or KCBS in San Francisco. Cheers, David Landis (San Francisco) Do I hear a nay-sayer from Pittsburgh?

  2. Scott Says:

    I think it was KDKA. It was not KNAZ (Northern Arizona) in Flagstaff.

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