Procurement – what a pain

September 24, 2008

Procurement – what a pain.  For those of us in the PR agency world, a necessary evil if you want to do work for any governmental agency.  Problem is, you go through the motions because the governmental agency is required by law to go out to bid – even if they are completely happy with their current PR agency.  Good if you are the incumbent who has done exceptional work; not so good if you are one of the competitors submitting.

We’ve been on both sides of the coin.  We’re certainly happiest when we win, but we are happy for our competitors if the tables turn in their favor. But why make everyone go through the rigmarole?  If you are going have us submit, we at least hope to have a fighting chance.

Or better yet, if someone in government procurement would honestly say:  “Yes, we are happy with our current agency, but are required by law to go out for bid.”

It would make for a better process for everyone involved.


One Response to “Procurement – what a pain”

  1. Scott Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. A horrible system that presumably creates more work for government employees and for sure creates unnecessary time and money expenditures for the private sector companies responding.

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