Recognizing Good Works

October 3, 2008

Double congrats go out to our client Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (ABIL), whose wonderful employees are being recognized all over the Valley for their above-and-beyond contributions to the disability community.

Amina Kruck, advocacy unit director at ABIL, was recently honored by the Arizona Capitol Times as one of the Leaders of the Year in Public Policy.  In fact, Amina was awarded the first-ever Unsung Hero award for her tireless efforts in sparking legislative change for the benefit of people with disabilities.  A beautiful awards luncheon was held at the Wyndham Hotel, with her family and coworkers present, all of whom couldn’t have been more proud.

Phil Pangrazio, executive director of ABIL, has led the effort to build the Disability Empowerment Center of Arizona (DEC), which will unite several major disability rights organizations on one state-of-the-art corporate campus providing an array of

services to people with disabilities.  Phil is being honored this week by the Arizona Center for Disability Law (ACDL) with a Phoenix Leadership Award for his work in “opening the door to equity”.

Working with such brilliant, dedicated clients certainly makes our job a joy!  Congrats Phil and Amina!


One Response to “Recognizing Good Works”

  1. Abbie Says:

    Way to go Phil and Amina.

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