The Musical Paradigm

October 29, 2008

Scott sit's "first chair" with Laurie Selby

Scott sits first chair with Laurie Selby

The Arizona Chapter of EO‘s latest learning event was music to my ears. 

My musical taste and knowledge has been pretty much limited to Hootie and Dave Matthews, until I attended EO’s “Musical Paradigm – Lesson on Leadership,” featuring Roger Nierenberg, music director of the Stamford Symphony Orchestra.

 During a performance by the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra led by Nierenberg, not only did I have the opportunity to sit on stage next to Laurie Selby, a 26-year-cellist with the orchestra, but Nierenberg called me up to direct the orchestra!  Was one of the coolest things I have done in a while.  My seat on stage was so close to Laurie I thought she was going to hit me with her bow as she played.

Conductor Scott

Conductor Scott

Nierenberg talked about the willpower musicians have to learn and master their craft.  He discussed musicians’ refined decision-making and the teamwork it takes to make beautiful music.  And he stressed how, in any organization, whether it’s an orchestra or a business, everyone matters.  Each has a key role and without the other, there might be music, but it probably won’t be beautiful – just as in business. 

Now, ah wunna, two-a, three-a….


One Response to “The Musical Paradigm”

  1. Susan Says:

    You may be interested to know that Roger published a book a few months ago all about The Music Paradigm program that’s discussed here. It’s called “Maestro: A Surprising Story about Leading by Listening” published by Penguin/Portfolio. Not the same as attending a live session of course, but for those who don’t have the opportunity to sit inside the orchestra with Roger, it’s a pretty good description.

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