“Who Moved My Cheese?”

October 30, 2008

My turn for the HMA book report.

I selected Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson, MD, who also co-authored One Minute Manager. 

It was a good, quick read – which is essential for me.

Basically, two of the characters, Hem and Haw, became very complacent and didn’t notice what was going on around them.   One day – the cheese they had been living on was gone and they were mad – and unprepared for change.  They thought they deserved the cheese just because it was there.

A few more key points:

If you do not change, you can become extinct.

  • Smell the cheese often so you know when it is getting old.
  • Movement in a new direction helps you find new cheese.
  • When you move beyond your fear, you feel free.
  • The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese.
  • It is safer to search in a maze than remain in a cheeseless situation.
  • Old beliefs do not lead you to new cheese.
  • When you see that you can find and enjoy new cheese, you change course.
  • Noticing small changes early helps you adapt to the bigger changes that are to come.

Change happens, anticipate change, monitor change, adapt to change quickly, change, enjoy change, be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again and again.

I’m one who always liked things to stay status quo.



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