When Celebs Sell Out their PR Teams

November 6, 2008

alison1It was reported earlier this week that Grey’s Anatomy fired Brooke Smith – aka Dr. Erica Hahn, heart surgeon extraordinaire and lesbian currently dating formerly heterosexual Dr. Callie Torres. Popular bloggers and television columnists have responded by calling out ABC and the top-rated show for chickening out of the controversial storyline.

The responses from ABC and the show’s creators have been controlled, simple and to the point – and obviously all crafted by the ABC crisis communications team.

patrick-dempsey1Well, for whatever reason, Grey’s heartthrob and 80s teen icon Patrick Dempsey went on record calling out the alphabet network’s PR team in a quote making rounds on blog everywhere…

The fan in me is THRILLED Smith is exiting as her character was boring, had zero chemistry with castmates of either gender and was rude to Dr. Bailey, the best character on television. The public relations practitioner in me has to wonder why clients – even celebs – smugly throw their communications team under the bus when they aren’t happy with a decision made by management?

To me, this is part of the reason we are always accused of being spin doctors (although I do concede there are spin doctors out there giving us a bad name too) – because the client portrays us as them!

I am thankful today for my clients – who appreciate the work I do and trust my work on their behalf.


One Response to “When Celebs Sell Out their PR Teams”

  1. Ooooh, HMA Time Blogmeister, how truly wrong and misguided you are. What made Erica Hahn such a masterful and fun-to-watch character was how grossly undeveloped her social skills were. Brilliant female surgeon with no EQ –that makes for an interesting character and certainly a spin on the prototypical male surgeon cum demi-god.

    No, where ABC went wrong was constructing the unlikely and forced lesbian relationshp. It felt like ABC was “dabbling” in homosexuality just because they thought they should. In the process, they sacrificed a complex and nuanced character who deserved to stay around.

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