Book Tour Circuit

January 8, 2009


HMA Public Relations recently helped break-out author Elle Newmark with the Phoenix portion of her national book tour.

Newmark’s novel, The Book of Unholy Mischief, is set in Venice and features the story of Luciano, a penniless orphan who becomes an apprentice chef in the home of Venice’s most powerful man. 

Luciano’s journey to uncover the truth of a murder he witnesses “opens the shutters of his mind, inflames his deepest desires and leaves an indelible mark on his soul.”

And better yet, Elle is a charming, gracious woman whose books are inspired by her

Happy reading.


One Response to “Book Tour Circuit”

  1. David Landis Says:


    WOW! I need a great new book. This book sounds great and next to SF, Venice is my favorite city. Have you read any of the Donna Leon mystery novels set in Venice? Fantastic. Her first novel, “Death at La Fenice” takes place at the Opera House and is a must for Venice lovers. Glad you’re helping promote Venice in Phoenix! Cheers, David

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