Very clever, doughnut pushers!

January 21, 2009

What a work of sheer PR genius! As I am sure you have seen, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has been all over the news this past week as they were offering free doughnuts on Tuesday in honor of Barack Obama’s inauguration. As a fan of both doughnuts and capitalizing on good news/ positive publicity opportunities in the current economic climate, I passed on news articles to all of my friends, family and co-workers, urging them to have a little saturated fat in anticipation of Obama’s big day.

Of all people, my brother – who worked at Krispy Kreme when he was 15-years-old – called me yesterday to laugh at my excitement over free donut day. As a former employee, he had to remind me that Krispy Kreme ALWAYS gives its customers a free doughnut, fresh and hot from the oven!krispy-kreme

I have been on diets too long and totally forgot that little tidbit.

So, a tip of the hat to the geniuses at Krispy Kreme for making such a successful promotion out of something THEY ALREADY DO EVERYDAY!


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