Diamondbacks Fantasy Camp

January 23, 2009

I am close to being put back together after attending my second week-long Diamondbacks Fantasy Camp last week.

My team, Chip’s Champs, led by D-Backs’ third-base coach Chip Hale, lost in the finals.  Was it fun – beyond words.  So, I’ll use some from a teammate, Stew Bloemer, 67, a retired airline pilot.

scott-in-dugoutThe Champs were down to their last out, trailing by three runs in the bottom of the seventh inning:

 “Then two things happened in rapid succession that typifies my entire camp experience.

The first happens as I come into the batter’s box.  The catcher, a fellow camper, and one who is at the edge of anticipation of a win for the championship and a defeat of a Chip Hale team gives me a fist shake and says, “Get a big hit, Stew!”.

I didn’t.  I struck out, ending the game and Chip Hale’s streak of success.
First to greet me, as I walk dejected back to the dugout with a pat on the back, is Chip, “Bloemer, great game!”

What was this fantasy camp worth?  More than any dollar value you could place on it…

My communication with Chip was a bit more concise:


Thanks for another great week at D-Backs Camp.  We certainly could have used one more win – but it was still a fun, fun week.
chips-champsI’m already looking forward to next year.

Have a great season.

Chips’s response:

“It was great to have you on our team.  I am glad you had fun, and you played with great passion.  Thank you for that.  Chip”

I think that means I’ll do my best to be back in 2010 for my third camp.


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