Printing “Press”

January 29, 2009

Our client, Prisma Graphic, recently welcomed a new member to their team, a 10-color Akiyama Jprint 40 perfector press. It has helped Prisma perfect their service and production capabilities, exceeding internal and external customers’ expectations.

The unique perfecting quality of the Akiyama Jprint 40 is that it is a sheetfed press that simultaneously prints both sides in one pass, decreasing press time. It has 5/5 color print capabilities, as well as an X-rite closed-loop color control system, which monitors density and automatically makes adjustments for improved color consistency. Naturally, it has added print volume capabilities to Prisma’s pressroom, as well as shortened job turn-times.

Translation: it gets the job done.  Quickly.

Prisma says the perfector press has been a true service advantage. By working well with the rest of Prisma’s technology, it has allowed the company to meet its customers’ needs more efficiently.  Its capabilities have helped the company save its customers time and money without compromising quality.

 Congrats to Prisma and its new (huge) bundle of joy!

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