Big Red Business Buzz

January 30, 2009


Today’s blog is dedicated to the Arizona Cardinals – with a few words of wisdom from one of HMA’s favorite members of the media, the Arizona Republic’s Chad Graham.
Inspired by the much-maligned and former national joke of a football team, Graham decided to write a business-themed article on how local companies are celebrating the Cardinals’ historic playoff run and first-time appearance in this weekend’s big game – and how this year’s NFL Playoffs really helped to boost morale statewide.

Instead of emailing or calling local PR firms to get story sources though, Graham took to his Facebook page and Twitter with his needs – and HMA jumped right on it, successfully securing interviews on the topic for three clients,  Subway Restaurants of Arizona, Cachet Homes and Grant Thornton.

When calling to fact check for the story, Graham noted that the PR firms that use and monitor social media tools the right way will see the rewards in spades – just like HMA did today! Something to think about – if you aren’t already on Facebook and/or Twitter in a professional capacity, it is time to look into it for your business and/or your clients.

There are several teleseminar and events focused on social media education coming up through the local chapter of PRSA, so make sure to keep checking back with their website and take advantage of what the organization – and others – can offer!


One Response to “Big Red Business Buzz”

  1. Scott Hanson, APR, Fellow PRSA Says:

    That’s awsome! Good work.

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