Customer Service is Alive and Well!

March 19, 2009

bethRecently a friend of mine shattered the screen on her iPhone.  Most of the touch screen still worked but one notable thing that didn’t was her space bar, so allhertextmessageslookedlikethis.  Since you can’t get insurance on iPhones (probably because they get broken all the time) and her contract wasn’t up for renewal, her only options were to buy a brand new phone at the full price or find a place to fix it.
She chose the latter and went to Quick Fix Cellular in Chandler (1949 W Ray Rd), where she experienced some of the best customer service of her life.  Not only were the employees happy to help, the man fixing her phone even went so far as to give her his brand new screen because they couldn’t ship one in for her for a few days!  The company fixes all types of phones (even ones with water damage), and even has a 90-day warranty.

Having been a server since I was almost 16 and a general consumer for most of my life, I really appreciate good customer service, even if it’s just a smile given by an employee.  subwayeflogo

My most notable recent experience was at the Subway on 44th Street and Thomas.  No, this is not a shameless plug for our client, this really happened.  The people that work there during lunchtime are so nice!  They ask you how you’re doing and seem like they care and they wish you a good day. 

It’s the small things like this that separate good businesses from mediocre ones.  It’s cost-free positive PR!  Referrals and word-of-mouth are a great way to garner business, and both of these businesses will continue to benefit from their exceptional customer service.

Kudos to both!


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