When good social media goes bad

April 17, 2009

abbie6It was bound to happen.  With the speed of social media, communications professionals must constantly and consistently monitor what is being said about the brands they represent.  We might expect any negative information that came to come from a competitor or perhaps a disgruntled employee.  But what happens when it comes from inside?

That’s exactly what happened to Domino’s this week, when two of its employees posted a nasty YouTube video.  It only took a few hours until the video was downloaded more than 550,000 times.  It has since been pulled and fortunately, replaced by a quick two- minute message from the CEO. 

Might as well fight fire with fire – take your message to the masses in the same way and you are bound to make an impact.  As an agency who works with restaurants and other consumer-related products, I applaud Domino’s for its quick response and using the new media.  I expect that new policies are in place now for its employees on what is acceptable in regards to social media.  Time will tell how this will impact the company.



One Response to “When good social media goes bad”

  1. David Landis Says:

    HMA folks – I agree. Domino’s did an EXEMPLARY job of handling this PR crisis – it’s all about timing and getting your word out in cyberspace, on YouTube and more. . .

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