PRSA Western District Conference – Day 2 – The Buddy Group Session

April 23, 2009

Play It – Don’t Say It: The Power of Digital Video for Communications

During this breakout session, we learned how to create content where people already are, not where we want them to be (our websites, our client’s websites, etc…). Basically, all about one of my favorite online obsessions – You Tube. I personally love creating video for the web, but really wanted to learn better – and more creative – ways to do it.

Admitted geek Pete Deutschman from the Buddy Group in California led the session and provided us with very recent data, released yesterday, on video:

  • Since 2003, time spent on email has increased 268%
  • Since 2003, time spent on member communities (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc…) has increased 883%
  • Since 2003, time spent checking out online video (You Tube, Hulu, etc..) has increased 1,905%

Q: Why such a video lift?

A: Geeks like Pete! Basically, it is easier now via technology and the people who led the charge for it online. And a special thanks to the geeks at Google who bought You Tube and really made it all happen in a relatively short amount of time.

Pete then reviewed places we need to be with out video – You Tube was the major leader by about 100 miles, followed by Yahoo (in decline), Facebook (increasing by the day). He also talked about what this means to us:

  • Audiences are expecting to have increasing amounts of CONTROL over how they use and consume content
  • o To do this, we have to:
  • § Watch on YOUR site (have video available there!)
  • § Watch where it’s being put (other sites)
  • § Comment
  • § Share
  • § Respond
  • § Affinity – this is cause-based marketing at its best

Keeping consumers engaged is the key to delivering your message! How?

  • First, ask what platform is best?
  • Is the client or brand website designed with consumer in mind?
  • Your website should be a place for content – a repository of where the content will live, not where people will see it. The client website (and yours) is not the ultimate destination.
  • It should be easy to “snag”

A full report from this session will be available later tonight for those who want to go deeper. I will link to it as soon as it’s made available.


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