PRSA Western District Conference – Day 2

April 23, 2009

Wow – my head is spinning! Steve Rubel, outrageously popular blogger, twitter “All Star”and director of insights for Edelman Digital, just finished telling us about the “5 Digital Trends to Watch For in 2009.”

After his presentation, he was nice enough to spend a little time with me – and my trusty camera – to offer some insight for PR folks who weren’t able to be here today. Check it out here. You can also click here for his white paper on the topic.

Some additional thoughts I took from Steve:

  • Stop talking about “traditional” media relations AND “social” media relations already! Think of traditional as a zebra and social as a tiger – and guess what, they’ve mated! There are now millions of zebras with razor sharp teeth out there but they are ONE THING – an evolved new thing, but one nonetheless.
  • Don’t focus on creating a “campaign” online or otherwise. Concentrate on creating on-going relationships and on-going conversations. Steve gave a great example: Skittles recently launched a social media push that resulted in two solid weeks of “coverage” while Ford’s Scott Monty is on Twitter 24 hours a day talking about the industry, his brand, the economy, etc…to 20,000 followers. Scott has created relationships while Skittles’ campaign just created a little buzz that soon petered out.
  • When people get pissed, they don’t write letters anymore – they go online. As a PR person, who always have to be monitoring, transparent and able to offer them some customer satisfaction.
  • Search and social networking are going to converge – be ready for it!
  • By 2012, so many forms of media (newspapers, DVDs, video games, etc…) will be gone as we traditionally know them. It’s sad, but don’t be left behind. Go digital now and make sure your clients do too.
  • Be active and transparent with social media – and make sure your employees do too. If you open their lines of communication and give them freedom of speech with your brand’s focus and direction, they can be your greatest asset – your “All Stars” and your social media monitors 24/7.
  • Focus on Google as media, not a search engine.
  • People think if news is important, it will find them…help them!
  • Stuff happens on weekends – social media and digital media are on 24/7.

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