Penless Session, Smooch and CNN

April 26, 2009

The next-to-last session was a little different…actually, a little Donahue. Before the session, titled “Aligning Knowledge smooch-2and Leadership Attributes with Management’s New Expectations,” videographers descended on the room and…surprise…we were about to become part of a pilot for CNN!

No, really.

Our speaker, Smooch (name on her birth certificate) Reynolds, was in the process of filming a pilot for CNN on leadership, and she was looking for good sound bytes for her reel – of course, she looked to us PR people.

Then, as Smooch got started, we were asked to put our phones and pens down – no notes or tweeting during this session, just listening and participating in an interactive discussion on smooch-1the economy, hiring and how it will be an employer’s market after the recession subsides.

Most of the information in this session was common sense, but Smooch livened it up by working the room with her microphone and asking questions directly to PRSA members…my question was to define “mettle.” My answer, let’s just say, brought on some laughs and will surely make it to air, unless the FCC hears it.

Smooch asked various people what someone’s mettle was, getting shy answers one-by-one, and then finally put me on the spot. “Mettle, quite simply, is balls,” I said to Smooch. Gold star for me.

The best piece of advice I took from the session was the reality that PR people will no longer be PR people…we must adopt business acumen if we want to survive, and thrive, after the recession and digital revolution.


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