PRGN All-Stars

May 28, 2009

The latest O’Dwyer’s Rankings of Top 169 Independent PR Firms shows nine U.S. members of the Public Relations Global Network making the list.  They are:

67.    CooperKatz & Co., New YorkPRGN Logo Hi Res Color

70.    DVL, Nashville

75.    L.C. Williams & Associates, Chicago

91.    Xenophon Strategies, Washington, D.C.

102.  The Castle Group, Boston

109.  GroundFloor Media, Denver

140.   VPE Public Relations, Los Angeles

149.   Landis Communications, Inc., San Francisco

157.   Buchanan PR, Philadelphia

More important than making the list is the fact that HMA Public Relations can rely on each and every one of them should any of our clients have a specific need in any of their respective markets.

Congratulations to these highly professional agencies.  HMA Public Relations is proud to be associated with each of them.


Kerry Martin 1Our thoughts and prayers are with State Treasurer Dean Martin, who lost his wife, Kerry, on Memorial Day due to complications from child birth.

HMA had the great honor of working with Kerry for several years on a program called CIGNA Summer. HerKerry Martin 2 passion for the program was surpassed only by her passion for her family and friends.

Our condolences to her family, friends and anyone who had the pleasure of working with her.

This morning marked the launch of the Phoenix Fire and Phoenix Public Transit Departments’ 4th Annual Personal Cool Campaign – where both agencies work together to reach out to bus and rail riders to remind them how to stay safe – and hydrated – during summer months.20090526120724120

Yvette Roeder from Public Transit, along with Captain Jay Arthur from Phoenix Fire and several others, both participated in several media interviews to launch the event this morning and members of both agencies were out at the Central Station and Sunnyslope Transit Centers passing out flyers on heat safety as well as generously-donated, summer-themed giveaway items including water, lip balm, sunscreen and sweet summer treats.

Some tips to stay “personally cool” from the Departments include:

  • Carry water (in a proper, sealable container while on the bus);
  • Cover up with a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and/or an umbrella;
  • Know your bus departure time to avoid standing in the heat for expended periods; and
  • Limit direct exposure to sunlight from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

And, both departments urge the entire community to educate themselves about the two most common heat emergencies in Arizona:

  • Heat exhaustion, which is a mild form of stroke marked by heavy sweating, weakness, headache, weak pulse, fainting and nausea; and
  • Heat stroke, which is potentially fatal heat exhaustion and is marked by all of the symptoms above plus a mental status change and dangerous body temperature levels.

A special thanks to CIGNA HealthCare of Arizona, PowerAde, Subway Restaurants of Arizona, X Balm, John C. Lincoln Hospital, Circle K, Arrowhead Water and Dunkin’ Donuts for their generous donations.

For more information about the Personal Cool Campaign and its upcoming outreach event dates, please click here.

Copper Quills 2009 - BethWhat a day!

 It started with two HMA clients taking home honors at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Impact Awards and ended with HMA itself taking homes honors at the 2009 International Association of Business Communicators’ Annual Copper Quill Awards.

Copper Quills 2009 - Group Shot Held at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, this year’s awards presentation included a keynote from Peter Shankman of “Help a Reporter” fame (that one in the back of the room could hear – including us), as well as HMA friend Johnna Burke as the emcee. Shameless plug – you must follow Burke on Twitter, if you aren’t already!

HMA took home two Copper Quills in total – one for media relations and one for government relations.

HMA will take on the Copper Anvil Awards next! Stay tuned.

Prepare for IMPACT

May 20, 2009

Robert Keats and Dale Walters from KCA with Bill Hinz from Western National

Robert Keats and Dale Walters from KCA with Bill Hinz from Western National

Woo Hoo! Congratulations are in order for HMA clients Keats, Connelly and Associates, LLC and Western National Bank, who both won awards at today’s Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Impact Awards.

Keats, a business brimming with community involvement, innovation and a melting pot of team members from across the globe, took home the award for company culture while Western National, a business of hip bankers who are prone to throwing hot dog and paper shredding parties at their offices, took home the award for small business of the year.KCA Impact Awards

Keats and Western National were joined by eight other amazing finalists at the awards ceremony including:

 Both gave great speeches to accept their awards. Enjoy them here and here!

Citizenship Status

May 18, 2009

scottCitizenship status is always a major issue in Arizona.

Now there’s one less citizen, as the Tucson Citizen has published its final edition.

It is certainly a sad trend, with newspapers countrywide pulling the plug on their presses. 

Gannett, which owned the Citizen, had been trying to find a buyer.  Management had informed the staff of this a couple months ago.  But, with no buyer to be found, there are another 60 or so reporters and other newspaper staffers looking for work.

The Citizen was Arizona’s oldest newspaper. 

Thanks Tim & Willy!

May 15, 2009

TIM AND WILLYWe here at HMA are long-time fans for Tim & Willy. And, as it turns out, Tim & Willy are long-time fans of a client of ours – Subway!

So much so, in fact, the comedy duo put together a great bit based on the “5 Dollar Footlong” jingle. Love it!

José Luiz SchiavoniJosé Luiz Schiavoni, chief executive of São Paulo, Brazil-based PR firm S2 Comunicação Integrada, has assumed leadership as president of PRGN. Schiavoni previously served as vice president of the network. He takes over from Frank Cullen of Dublin, Ireland-based Cullen Communications. Schiavoni is the first PRGN president from South America, and the first to come from outside Europe and the United States.

“To be the president of such an amazing organization is a challenge and an honor for me,” said Schiavoni. “Public relations services have evolved to become a very strategic role in organizations in this connected, globalized world.  PRGN is a talented group of world-class professionals with many years of experience in the field. We share not only clients and best practices – we collaborate to define trends in the PR industry.”

PRGN Logo Hi Res Color“Among my priorities as the new president are to bring together our members’ experience to win international PR projects and bids and grow PRGN’s presence in other markets such as Eastern Europe and Asia,” said Schiavoni.

At the São Paulo meeting, PRGN also elected the PRGN governing cabinet – Patricia Perez of VPE Public Relations (Los Angeles) as president-elect, Derek Jones of Currie Communications (Melbourne) as secretary and Joe Ledlie of The Ledlie Group (Atlanta) as treasurer.


May 14, 2009

BethSo obviously the biggest buzz in the Valley this week was President Barack Obama’s visit to ASU to speak at the general commencement ceremony.  A friend of mine was graduating but wasn’t planning on attending (well, he was, but as a videographer, not in his cap and gown) so he passed off his tickets to me and a couple others.

Alice CooperWe had to arrive at 3:30 and I was stressed thinking about how light rail transit was going to run, how much of a hassle it would be getting through security and how awful the heat would be.  Surprisingly, though, everything went smoothly. 

The getting there part wasn’t half the nightmare I expected it to be.  Dealing with 70,000 people could have been mass chaos, and yet…it totally wasn’t.  Everything was well-organized and there were plenty of security and volunteers on hand to answer questions and guide attendees to the right place.  Even the men working the metal detectors were in good spirits and giving us a hard time about (among other things) our hat hair and the fact that I had a small can of hairspray in my purse.

50-year gradsThe worst part about the whole day was, of course, doing everything in the blazing heat, but that was to be expected.  Sunscreened, hydrated and wearing hats, it was hot but worth it.

It was also nice that we were allowed to bring in cameras and cell phones after all, so I got to capture some of the highlights: Alice Copper’s performance; the recognition of alumni from the class of 1959 – ASU’s first year as a university (pictured above, in gold gowns); and the President’s speech, below.

President Obama speaks at commencement

ObamaRegardless of your political affiliation, I think we can all agree that the speech he gave was both inspiring and realistic.  And funny!  I feel truly privileged to have seen it in person.

We need your votes!

May 14, 2009

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