#FollowFriday – June 12, 2009

June 12, 2009

We’ve been tweeting now for about 6 months. We’ve established some great contacts on Twitter and have actively participated in the widely popular #FollowFriday.  But our lists have gotten too big to post in 140 characters or less.  So in a move borrowed from the awesome Gini Dietrich, we have decided to publish our own #FollowFriday list right here on our blog. That way they’ll be here and we’ll just add to it.

Our first entry will name past and present HMAers – all pros in PR worth a follow! And we apologize if we’ve missed anyone, just let us know, we’ll catch you on the next one.

Current team:

@AbbieF  Ok, she was the first one to take the plunge.  And if you remember, she came kicking and screaming into the digital age and now she’s leading the charge, not only in our office, but at the many organizations and associations she’s involved in.  She even has her dog, @vivadog tweeting.

@Hanner66 Our president, Scott Hanson.  He was a bit slow to get involved but now that he’s here, expect to hear not only information about public relations but about his other passion – sports.

@abailin is a dynamo when it comes to Twitter. She is using it to its fullest to promote our clients.  She’s also actively engaged with a wide variety of people so don’t be surprised to see her knowledge of pop culture show through a bit.  She was even quoted in USA Today in an article about social media!

@Beth_Wilkinson is also using it effectively to promote our clients and further her relationships with members of the media. 

HMAers from the past and good friends and colleagues:

@DebPlunk – Owner of the Salubrious Buzz (a company that does PR/marketing for small to mid-size businesses), Phoenix nutrition writer for www.examiner.com and mom to Chloe, who has a Twitter account too!

@JoNestor – The current media and communications coordinator for Planned Parenthood of Arizona.

@AndyLeigh, partner at Liquis Design and Owner of Impact Communications.

@kimcecere, a mom blogger for www.examiner.com and owner of OnPoint Communications.

@Virginianderson is an account executive at CKPR.

@kasey_erin is on the marketing staff at Snell & Wilmer.  You can ask her anything about legal marketing and her love of shoes.

@reneehunt is part of the communications team at Blue Cross Blue Shield and now one of our clients.  Always pays to stay in communication with your fellow co-workers.  You just never know.

@jennybrooks – a work-at-home-mom currently in Alabama but making her way back to Phoenix very soon.

@Jennifer Stein is in the marketing communications department at the City of Glendale.

@AZ_Jen Technology, media fan; actively seeking new job; rockin’ mom.


2 Responses to “#FollowFriday – June 12, 2009”

  1. Kasey Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out guys! Lots of great recommendations here!

  2. […] to the former HMA’ers, thank you for what you brought to the […]

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