Subway Crowns 2009 Subjammer Champs

June 16, 2009

Colin Boyd - Ueable - AZ Mills - 2 yearsOur client, Subway Restaurants of Arizona, held its annual statewide Subjammers contest this past weekend.  The lively tomato and lettuce-covered event held at Subway’s Arizona Mills location gave top sandwich artists from across the state the Brian Perry - Pablo Rios - Scottsdale - Pam Lanhan - Sinykinschance to make the fastest, most accurate sandwiches on the planet, competing for prizes and bragging rights.

Of the 70-plus finalists, sandwich artists Sal Rodriguez, Tiffany Perez, Jessica Frederick and Pablo Gonzalez Rios took home the Subjammer crowns. Each of the top finishers received hundreds of dollars in prizes, and Rodriguez, who has worked for Subway for more than 10 years, clocked in at 41 seconds to take the top spot.  He won an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. this summer to represent Arizona in the international Subjammers competition.

Full Group ShotThe local food bank also benefitted from the event – all of the 100-plus sub sandwiches created during the event were immediately donated after the competition.


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