Agencies and Indies

July 6, 2009

abbieOver the past several weeks I have had numerous conversations about what is happening in the public relations agency world.  Of course, the usual topics of billable hours, responding to RFPs, doing more with less are common themes.  But an emerging conversation is about the independent practitioner – smart communications professionals who have taken the plunge and decided to do this on their own.

I applaud them – running a business is challenging, and in today’s economy … well, who knows what to call it.  What I do know, is that there are plenty of business opportunities for both the indies and the agencies.  And if we’re thinking creatively, we will figure out a way to work together.  Certainly there is business out there that comes to a firm that might be better served by a sole practitioner.  Conversely, I would guess that the indies are finding new business leads that might need a little more staffing than what they can provide on their own.

So I offer this challenge to all of us – agencies and indies – let’s help each other out.  I’d love to know what types of work you like to do, what client industries you specialize in, what are your billable rates, etc.  I’m happy to share that with you as well.  Just think about the possibilities.


One Response to “Agencies and Indies”

  1. everydaypr0 Says:

    As one of those indies, you’re absolutely correct. There’s much opportunity for partnerships that are a win-win for the agency, the indie AND the client. I hope more agencies are as open minded as HMA is.

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