The Boys Club Edition: Another IRL list of great friends and people you should #followfriday

July 17, 2009

abbieMartin Waxman, president of Palette Public Relations in Toronto. Martin has worked in communications and public relations for 25 years.  He and I met through Counselors Academy several years ago.  He provides interesting perspective on our industry and often shares his opinions on twitter and on his blog, my(PR)palette. And he enjoys a wide variety of music, so you’ll see a few blips here and there as well.

Scott Farrell, president of global corporate communications at GolinHarris in Chicago.  Scott and I met just a few months ago after establishing a connection on twitter through our friend Gini Dietrich.  And any friend of Gini’s I know will quickly become a friend of mine. He’s got the big agency knowledge and is happy to share.  You might even find some helpful hints for DIY projects.

Mike Shaldjian of Media Watch AZ. When you look up customer service in the dictionary, you are likely to see a picture of Mike.  He goes above and beyond for his clients.  It is not uncommon for me to receive an email (or DM these days) from Mike late at night or on the weekend telling me that one of my client’s stories aired on the news.  He is smart, funny, one heck of an actor and his dog, Lenny is good friends with my dog, Viva. He’ll share insight into the news businesses, great Phoenix-area restaurants and coffee houses and is guaranteed to make you laugh at least once a day.

Tom Garrity is president of the Garrity Group, a public relations firm in Albuquerque.  I met Tom several years ago, before he had his firm. He was a great resource for me when I was doing business in the market. We became reacquainted in Cabo San Lucas at Counselors Academy. I know, tough duty. Another top-notch public relations practitioner and someone who knows all the great out-of-the-way restaurants in New Mexico.  Follow him for great insight into the business, but also for the hatch chili updates.

Steve Pasierb, chief executive officer of the Partnership for a Drug-Free AmericaHMA Public Relations has been providing pro-bono public relations services to the Partnership for the past five years.  We piloted their first public relations campaign here in Phoenix and have been honored to work with them on a variety of initiatives ever since.  Steve’s passion for keeping our kids safe comes through in everything he does and his twitter stream is no different.  Not only will you learn about what the Partnership is up to but he is an excellent source on what is happening in the non-profit world and how what is happening on Capitol Hill impacts social issues.

And no Boys Club Edition would be complete if I didn’t include Scott Hanson president of HMA Public Relations. Scott and I have known each other for more than 20 years. When I first met him, he was a part-time sportscaster, in addition to running the firm. I was handling public relations for the Fiesta Bowl at the time and found myself pitching stories to him on a regular basis.  It was that early working relationship that cemented a solid business partnership and equally as important a wonderful friendship.  He’s still getting started on twitter but you can expect to hear not only information about the industry but about his other passion – sports.


One Response to “The Boys Club Edition: Another IRL list of great friends and people you should #followfriday”

  1. Great list, as always! And knowing most of the men on this list, I 100% agree!

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