#FollowFriday – Midwest Swing

August 28, 2009

abbieAs you know I just got back from my summer vacation – otherwise known as the “Midwest Swing.” A total of 10 days in Minneapolis, Chicago and Indianapolis, visiting family and friends.  So this #followfriday is a tribute to the friends that helped make that trip so amazing.

Minneapolis – a special shout-out of Eva Keiser, Arik Hanson and Matt Kucharski  – my Twin Cities connections and all great communications professionals.  Eva and I had a great lunch at The View overlooking Lake Calhoun.  Unfortunately, Arik was unable to join us but he and I will have the chance to meet again I’m sure.  Matt, well, he had a business trip that took him out of town, but since we are in Counselors Academy together, I know I will see him soon.

followfriday 8-28Chicago – so many people, so little time.  Of course my pal Gini Dietrich.  An awesome public relations practitioner, a fiercely competitive cyclist and dog-mom to Jack Bauer.  And she has a pretty terrific guest room which I happily took advantage of.  Gini coordinated a few get-togethers while I was there so I am happy to say I now know IRL Juli Barcelona (who runs a creative communications company), Nancy Myrland and Nat Slavin, (both legal marketing consultants with some pretty smart things to say), Keith Shay (who in addition to being a smart business guy knows a bunch about food and wine) and Mari Luangrath (who runs a company called Foiled Cupcakes, yummy). My friend Stephanie Krol even stopped by, another great communications professional who splits her time between Illinois and Indiana.

Scott Farrell of Golin Harris played tour guide and lunch companion.  We had a great time touring Millenium Park and celebrating Burger Fest.

followfriday 8-28 no 2And then there is Gini’s team at Arment Dietrich Public Relations who were so warm and welcoming.  They even hosted a special edition of Wine:thirty:  Diane Blazek, Christine Heim, Tom Short, Jennifer Thomas, Tanya Flynn, AngelaLoiacono, Courtney Lawrence, Molli Megasko, and Patti Knight

Indianapolis – well, I can’t say enough about Melanie Green (a very smart legal marketer).  She was a client and then a great friend when she was here in Phoenix and I am so happy to say that our friendship has endured even though she lives so far away. While I was in Indy, had the chance to go to Lindsay Weber’s wedding shower.  She’s on Melanie’s marketing team and is just a delight to be around.  She’s getting married in October.

Great trip, great friends and all worth the follow.


One Response to “#FollowFriday – Midwest Swing”

  1. Abbie, thank you for including me!

    It was a true joy meeting you last week. You have a beautiful personality to match your public relations expertise. I am happy to now be one of your friends in real life! I look forward to staying in touch with you, both on Twitter and in person as the years go by.

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