Holiday at the Ballpark

September 8, 2009

Gabrielle, Daniel, Matteo 2For the second consecutive year, P.I.P.E., Piping Industry Progress and Education Trust Fund (a client), and Arizona Pipe Trades U.A. Local 469 hosted the largest group in Arizona Diamondbacks history, including nearly 2,500 participants from the plumbing and pipefitting industry, breaking last year’s group number of nearly 2,000. 

P.I.P.E. and Local 469 were recognized on-field before the start of the game and participated in other fun Diamondbacks activities – three kids from the group got to participate in the hot dog race, and Mark Coleman of Coleman Plumbing and a member of P.I.P.E.’s board of trustees, was given the opportunity to “steal second base.” 

Mark ColemanP.I.P.E. contractors had an instrumental role in the construction of the plumbing and mechanical systems of Chase Field.  The event was held on Labor Day to honor and thank the union craftspeople and contractors who have dedicated themselves to putting unionized skilled labor above the rest.  The event was a huge success, and we’re looking forward to an even larger crowd next year.


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