What Did I Forget?

September 23, 2009

scottScott Bornstein, renowned for his exclusive MemoryPower & Mind-Mapping methodologies was the speaker at the September EO learning event.

He astounded the crowd with a couple of incredible demonstrations of memory and recall and informed us that most of us only use three percent of our brain’s capacity. 

Scott said, “Nothing makes a greater first – and lasting – impression than to confidently remember another person’s name.”

Here are his six steps to remembering people’s names and faces:

  1. Pay attention to hear the name
  2. Repeat the name clearly
  3. Observe for dominant features and facial characteristics
  4. Associate the name or initial to the person’s features when possible
  5. Use the name in the course of conversation or to yourself
  6. Write the name down and review the name seven times over the next 10 days, and once a month thereafter

Now if only I could remember all of that.


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