Jon + Kate + 8 + tabloids – Jon = ?

October 1, 2009

BethThey used to be happily married with eight cute kids, and had a hit TV show.  However, things have drastically changed for Jon and Kate Gosselin in the last six months.  Sure, the kids are still cute, but the soon-to-be exes – of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 fame (or notoriety) – have fallen from grace as the network’s poster family.

Since they announced their forthcoming divorce in May, Jon and Kate have been embroiled in a bitter publicity battle.  Jon has gone from doting father to a fratboy wannabe, publicly “canoodling” with his fair jon and kateshare of women – one of whom was allegedly the kids’ babysitter – and being very unapologetic about his party guy behavior.  Earlier made to look like the cold, resentful stay-at-home mom, Kate’s image has undergone its own transformation.  In contrast to Jon, she has been cast in a more positive light – the brave single mother of eight.  It was even announced this week that after November 2, the show would simply be called Kate Plus 8.

They’re basically waging his-and-hers campaigns against each other.  It’s becoming clear that Team Kate is on top, but I wonder if the two have taken time out to lower their gloves and think about the clear losers – their kids.

I know these two have gotten a lot of media play and I’m reluctant to post this and perpetuate it, but I have to know – how do other PR pros feel about this situation?

Comment below.


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