Find Your Nerve

October 7, 2009

abbieThe economic mess has gone on long enough. We have the power to turn it around. So take a deep breath, grab a daily dose of encouragement here and let’s get back to business.

That’s the opening statement on my friend Steve McKee’s new blog, Find Your Nerve.  The purpose of this new site is to support business leaders who want to move beyond the gloom and doom of the economy and return their companies to the growth path.

Find your Nerve LogoI, for one, say HOORAY! Let’s stop talking and start doing.  And as such, I have agreed to be a guest blogger.   A wide variety of corporate leaders will be contributing their thoughts, ideas and challenges with the ultimate goal of instilling a renewed sense of confidence in the C-suite, remind corporate leaders that we’re all in this together and to speed up the economic recovery.

So bookmark this blog, visit often and I’m confident we’re going to make a difference.

Here’s to a great 4th quarter!


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