Olympic Bid Goes to Rio, Now What?

October 8, 2009

PaulaThe pitch was successful. Take the Olympics to a South American country for the first time in history was the message used to make Rio’s argument. A good point indeed, considering Brazil’s role in this global economy.

The country is the largest in South America, the 10th economy in the world and, according to the World Bank, will rise to the 5th within the next seven years. But will the 2016 Olympics be good for Rio or Brazil? We are yet to find out. So far, so good!

Besides the entire infrastructure that is needed to host such an event, Brazil also needs to come together with the most appropriate communication and PR strategy, internally and externally. 

The country already has a phenomenally high number of the population using social media tools. For instance, Portuguese, the language spoken in Brazil, is the second most used language on Twitter.

But to be in the spotlight requires serious preparation. Media training, Q&A, branding, you name it, needs to be carefully and strategically thought out. Brazil now has an opportunity to strengthen its position, to publicize the country, the culture and its people. Their audience all around the world is highly sophisticated and it will be watching like a hawk.

Foreign investments, tourism growth and all the benefits that might derive from hosting the Olympic Games will only be possible if Rio and Brazil deliver the right key messages. Combine communications strategies, actions and tactics to show the world that the country is not only about Carnival and scantily clothed women on the beaches of Rio!

I hope for the positive outcomes. I am Brazilian. And after 120 years of the first modern Games, my country was awarded the 2016 Olympics Games, becoming the first one to host an Olympic Game in South America.

Paula Hall is an account director with HMA Public Relations and originally from Brasilia, Brazil.


One Response to “Olympic Bid Goes to Rio, Now What?”

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